Buying or hiring a portable dock

Whilst it may seem straightforward when trying to determine whether to buy or hire a portable dock for your water and boating activities, there can be a few factors which can help or change decisions for you especially if you do not want your boat docked at a marina or boat slip.


Hiring or buying a dock comes down to the permanence of how useful it will be at your chosen location. You need to ask yourself, how long and how often will I use this? Work out whether you are going to be settled in an area long enough to make an investment that will increase your property value, or temporarily, where hiring may be best suited to you for your water activity season. Ongoing maintenance can be a contributor to the hire or buy decision, as hiring can be a quick and easy instalment and take down for when time is done on the water.

The Cost

Now you’ve already ruled out the big costs of leaving your chosen watercraft at a marina or boatslip, but is the cost worth it to hire or buy a portable docking system? Determining how big your custom dock will need to be built for your needs will help you immensely in making the decision to hire or buy. If you have a decent sized boat and/or Jet ski and like to spend the majority of your time out on the water, then buying may be for you, so you can always enjoy the benefits of the docking system with your friends and family. Hiring can be your best option if you feel that its use will be limited or if it’s a trend that you can see that will just come and go. It’s also a great option if you plan on having a party or hosting an event, a waterfront experience will sure to be a guest favourite.


Your waterfront location can shape your decision when deciding to hire or buy a portable dock. Although portable docks can be custom built to suit your needs, there are other factors to also consider to make your decision easier. These include access from the land, permanence of your watercraft, and the space of your open water just to name a few. Don’t forget the level of security in your area that can be associated with having a portable dock with boats or Jet skis. Hiring temporarily could be a better option if you feel you won’t be at your chosen location for a long time.


Whether it’s hiring or buying a portable dock, Candock can give you piece of mind in helping you with custom and tailored solutions. We have experience in both fields and are happy to make the best decision for you, letting you enjoy all experiences out on the water. Contact Candock today for all your portable dock options.

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