Can a portable dock be a home for your Jetski?

If you have a Jetski, could a portable dock be a great home for it out of the water? The answer is yes! If you wanted to know if you could keep your Jet ski in the water floating off the dock, the answer is also yes, however, it may not be ideal to do so.

Here’s five reasons why a portable dock can be a great home for your Jet ski.

Accessibility and Convenience

A portable dock is a great way to store and access your Jet Ski with the simplest methods at your convenience. Entering and exiting the water could not be easier as you have 24 hour waterfront access. You can literally just drive your Jetski onto the portable dock and step off – no need for winching, hoisting, or cranking between your trailer and Jet Ski. Contact the team at Candock to discuss designs to simplify your portable dock Jet ski experiences.

Versatility and easy maintenance 

If you didn’t know already, portable docks are highly versatile to water level conditions and can be customisable to suit your Jet Ski needs. These types of docks can be anchored and attached to any structure or body of water creating easier design structures to fit your Jet Ski’s home. 

In relation to the size and model of your Jetski, a portable dock can be shaped or altered to meet your needs. Utilising its portable benefits, you can change your docking position or store it away during the off season for water activities. This allows you to do easy maintenance checks just at the water’s edge but also beneficial more moving the dock and repairs.

Keeping your Jet ski in the water

Jet skis can be kept in the water but it could do your Jet ski more harm than good. Knowing these key factors could help prevent expensive repairs or even worse, replacing your Jet ski. 

Scum: Barnacles, scum, and other gunk can build up around your Jet ski when it is kept in the water. The harsh nature of salt water can wreak havoc on your Jet ski as well as fresh water, but it takes a tad longer. Corrosion can also occur by leaving your Jet ski in the water so try to have a rinsing method in place once you land your Jet ski on your portable dock.

Salt and minerals: Speaking of corrosion, saltwater is to blame! If your waterfront leads onto saltwater always keep this in mind when looking after your Jet ski. It can only take a few days for you to see signs of corrosion and experience its rusty effects. It can affect more than just how your watercraft looks but also its overall performance and safety measures.

Storms: you never know when mother nature can take it’s turn for the worst but, which may lead to damage to your Jet ski or even lose it the crazy water conditions. Your Jet ski can crash into the dock when it is left in the water due to severe weather conditions and who knows what could happen when it drifts freely.

Excess water: Well we have to always expect rain no matter what and a small amount of water with the hull is expected. But if you can see excess water or water in parts in areas it isn’t supposed to be in, harm can be done before it gets the chance to evaporate. So make sure to always check your Jet ski in heavy rain periods, having your Jet ski out of the water can help reduce this and any chance of it sinking.

Easy Installation

To provide a waterfront home for your Jet ski, the design and installation could not be easier with Candock. It is typically less expensive and less complex when installing a floating dock with tailored designs to suit the capacity and needs of your Jet ski. Installing the floating deck for your Jet ski is generally easier and quicker to assemble, unlike traditional docks. The home for your Jet ski will be ready for use in a shorter period when installing as you don’t have to worry about driving pilings into the waterbed or creating abnormal artificial substructures for extra support.

Jet ski dock benefits

There are multiple benefits and advantages to having a Jet ski dock. Simple installation and its portable nature are just the starting point. Designs can be made without requiring any maintenance with materials that are long lasting. It is the most practical method for launching and exiting a Jet ski to and from the water. Multiple units of the portable dock can be linked together to make it more flexible suiting accessibility, fueling, and maintenance needs. The drive-on dock installation can be made for your Jet ski without any harmful effects. The team at Candock can provide all these benefits for you when looking to create a waterfront home for your Jet ski.

Get your Jet ski out of the water and give it a home with a portable dock from Candock!

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